Night Cream Vs Moisturiser Vs Serum - Which Is Best For Your Skin?

Night Cream Vs Moisturiser Vs Serum - Which Is Best For Your Skin?

Ever wondered what the right skincare product for your skin is? From night creams and moisturizers to serums, a wide range of skincare products beckon from the shopping aisles. While one often tends to use these on constant rotation, do they all serve your skin needs?

While night creams, moisturizers and serums are thought to serve similar purposes for your skin, they have fundamental differences considering your skin type and needs. This article helps you understand the differences between the three, and enables you to make more informed choices for your daily skincare routine.


What Are Night Creams?

Meant to be included in your nighttime skincare routine, these creams are ideally applied before you hit the bed. Night creams are formulated especially to let your skin rejuvenate, regenerate and repair the damage caused throughout the day.

While primarily night creams help your skin with hydration, they also boost cell turnover rate, strengthen collagen, smoothen dry spots, etc. You can always choose one based on your skin type and needs. 

What Are Moisturizers?

Simply put, moisturizers are thicker formulations that create a barrier in your skin to seal in hydration. Besides, they have skin moisturizing and hydrating agents and other ingredients to enhance the function of the stratum corneum which is the uppermost layer of your skin.

What Is A Serum?

Serums are typically made with active ingredients to target skin-specific concerns such as aging, acne breakouts, pigmentation etc. Serums are lightweight formulas, and hence they get absorbed into your skin quickly.

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